Get your home ready to sell

Now it was time for Olivia and Jacob to prepare to sell their home under their Realtor’s guidance. Prior to getting their home ready, their Realtor had asked them specifics about their home, such as were there any needed repairs that they were aware of; what’s the condition of the roof, the A/C, any plumbing or electrical concerns or anything that she needed to be made aware of to avoid any later surprises. She even said they could have a home inspection prior to actually getting their home listed for sale. They really didn’t think that was necessary as they had been very diligent in maintaining their home and knew of no known issues.

Make your home’s exterior pop with excitement

They started with their home’s exterior. They hadn’t cleaned their driveway since last year, so they hired a company to come and power wash it, cleaned their roof, along with the home’s exterior walls, windows and doors. The trim was a bit faded so they freshened it up with a fresh coat of complementary color. The landscaping was spruced up by trimming back all the bushes and trees, including the removal of a dying bush that they’ve been meaning to get rid of for a several months now. Fresh bags of mulch were added and new summer bright flowers replaced the wilting flowers currently lining the home’s entry way. And lastly, the rubbed out, faded front door handle and knocker were also changed out. Now they were ready to welcome Buyers in the front door. Olivia and Jacob truly grasped the concept of grabbing those prospective Buyers at the curb with all the enhancements that they made! Their home’s exterior shouted “come inside”!

Get your home’s inside in tip top shape

Olivia and Jacob weren’t a total disaster in keeping a home clean – just a tad messy. They understood their Realtor’s recommendation to get their home’s inside sparkling clean and neat. They decided to take a Friday off and plan for a long weekend of getting their home really clean and clutter free. And it was a weekend, miraculously of no kids soccer matches, so it worked out just perfect. They thought of some of their friends who would have to plan for more than a long weekend to get their home ready to sell when that time comes. They packed up and removed the clutter that was piling up in corners of the home’s rooms and in their closets. They removed the clutter from their Kitchen and Bathroom countertops leaving out only decorative items and in the Kitchen leaving out only the necessary daily appliances such as a Coffee Maker. Thank goodness their Realtor didn’t say the Coffee Maker had to go!

The final tidiness made to their home was under their Realtor’s recommendation to move the furniture around to allow for more inviting living spaces and easy flow. They had a large sofa that was blocking a gorgeous outdoor window view of the lake and golf course and another that was blocking the flow of the room, so they made those adjustments. Even though it wasn’t a necessarily optimum space for their family, they made the change so their home was more suitable to Buyers.

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