Require high quality photos and video

Olivia and Jacob’s sweat equity paid off, their home was now ready to get sold. Send the Buyers in they said! Hold on, their Realtor said! First, high quality photos and videos must be taken. In order to sweep a Buyer off their feet, they first want to see photos, lots of photos. In fact, over 90% of Buyers will search over the internet before they actually getting in their car to view homes. With this in mind, why do we see so many homes listed for sale without photos, with just a few photos or with low quality photos? And what’s worse is that most home Sellers have no idea of these photo nightmares. Sellers should always ask to see the many photos and videos taken by their Realtor. In fact, they shouldn’t have to even ask. These should be presented to the Sellers upon listing their home for sale. I know I do! Sellers should be raving about the photos and video. In fact, they may be wondering if they really should be selling their home as it’s presented so well in the photos! No, that doesn’t happen, yet they should be very happy with the resulting photos.

Blast home for sale across the Internet and Social Media networks We buy houses Joliet

Now Olivia and Jacob had the right price, homes neat and clean as a whistle, and their photos provided Buyers with enough visuals to really get a good feel for their home. Buyers will likely be champing at the bit to get in to see their home, as their home is now being blasted across the internet and various Social Media networks that their hired Realtor subscribes to and actively participates in, including her weekly Real Estate blogging. Olivia and Jacob remember this part of the home selling process very well when they had initially searched for the Realtor they ultimately selected. It seems as if everywhere they looked over the internet, their Realtor was there; a very good sign they thought particularly after their Realtor had advised that over 90% of Buyers start their home search over the internet. They knew they wanted to make sure their home was everywhere to be found and be seen!

Make showings easy for prospective Buyers

It seems to have been a long road to get to this point, Olivia and Jacob thought, but they made it. They’re now ready to open the front door and welcome prospective Buyers. They both work and they thought it would be easy to schedule showings for Saturdays and Sundays so they could be at home when the Buyers arrived. When they expressed this idea to their Realtor, their Realtor quickly pointed out that showings must allow flexibility for a Buyer’s schedule and it’s very important to be accommodating to their schedule. When you don’t allow this flexibility you’re allowing the Buyer to go and see your competition’s home that were accommodating to their times. She understood that it’s not easy to have Buyers marching through your home all the time, however the quicker the Buyers march in, the quicker an offer will come and the showings will stop. They understood and agreed to showings being given by an hours notice. They knew that when they left the home that the home would have to be tidy and clean for viewing Buyers. Their Realtor also offered some peace of mind to them to let them know that an electronic lock box would be attached to the exterior of their home where the showing Realtor’s identity and time of arrival/departure would be recorded. This way, they knew exactly who was coming to view their home and at what time and never would a Buyer come on their own. That was good to know Olivia thought as she was more concerned about the showings than Jacob was. They were now ready to have their home be shown.

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